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(Wed Full Show) Bobby Wants To Cover Full Cost For Eddie To Do Hair Transplant in Türkiye + Lunchbox Searched The Streets of Chattanooga for ‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout + Bobby Feud: Funniest TV Characters

Bobby is willing to pay the full cost for Eddie to do a hair transplant in Türkiye and gave him a deadline on when he needs to make his final decision. Then, Lunchbox went to Chattanooga with family over the weekend and searched for 'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout, find out if he found her and if it was creepy or cool, he was looking for her. Plus, we play the Bobby Feud: Funniest TV Characters!

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Lunchbox took a trip to Chattanooga over the weekend and he has lots of stories to tell. Inside a cave Lunchbox ran into Ray of the Future and exactly what the future looks like for Ray. Dez Bryant provides us some inspiration for all of our long shot parlays and we have we bring back Texts From Justin. 

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(Wed Early Bird) Amy’s Psychic Cousin Predicts Situations for BBS Members + Why Was Eddie Mistaken As Creepy Guy? + Mailbag: Co-Worker Is Bully

Amy's psychic cousin, Amanda calls into the show and makes predications for current situations members are going through right now! Then, find out why Eddie was mistaken as the creepy guy while trying to help a lost kid...Mailbag: A listener's co-worker is a bully and has made themselves in charge of the office when the boss isn't there. They want to know how to best handle the situation!

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(Tues Full Show) Bobby Shares Details From Sleep Study + Listener Calls Out Eddie For Something He's Doing + Who Would We Be a "Stan" Of For a Documentary

Find out how Bobby's sleep study went and why he thinks multiple things may be wrong. Then, a listener calls out Eddie for something he's doing...or maybe not doing? Plus, we share if we were to be a "stan" of someone on a documentary who it would be!

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(Tues Early Bird) Bobby Debunks Several Myths About Famous Things We Learned + Eddie’s Insurance Offering Discount For Teenage Son If They Allow Tracking + Mailbag: Pregnant Maid Of Honor

Find out the truth about these famous myths! Then, how does Eddie feel about his insurance offering a discount for his teenage son if they can track him... Mailbag: Our listener was asked to step down from her maid of honor duties because she's pregnant. Our listener isn't a fan of the new MOH and now the bachelorette falls on her current birth date. Should our listener stick out being a bridesmaid or bail?

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What to Do When You Feel Misunderstood (5th Thing)

Amy & Cryo Kat (Therapy Kat is on her honeymoon!!) are back together again talking about a recent sacrifice that was made in the name of their friendship + things you can say when you're feeling misunderstood + their obsession with things like AlphaTenn Bars & ground beef & the 'cocaine queen.'

Today's quote: "Dang girl, are you a fitted sheet because you are complicated and hard to manage!"

AlphaTenn Bars (use KAT10 for 10% off)

Email Amy: 4ThingsWithAmyBrown@gmail.com

Amy Brown // RadioAmy.com // @RadioAmy

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#437 - Terri Clark on People Not Recognizing Her Without Her Cowboy Hat + Driving From Canada to Move to Nashville + Touring and Partying with Toby Keith

Terri Clark (@Terriclarkmusic) sits down with Bobby Bones and gets real about her 20 plus years in country music. She reflects on moving from Canada after high school to launch her career in Nashville and how she only made $15 a day from her first singing gig. She also shares the struggles she went through while it took 8 years to get her first record deal. Terry is known for her signature cowboy hat and confessed people do not recognize her without it on and that she can go incognito in public. She also remembers Toby Keith and shares stories from their time touring and partying together and more! 

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(Mon Full Show) Billy Dean Recalls Doing Music In The 90s, Relation To Jimmy Dean & More! + President's Day Trivia + Best Thing About Small Towns Draft

90s country music star Billy Dean stops by the studio! He shares the story behind his song "Billy the Kid," if he's related to Jimmy Dean and more! Then, it's President's Day, find out if you know these facts! Plus, we share our favorite things about small towns!

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(Mon Early Bird) Eddie's Theory Raymundo Is Secretly Rich + Listener Believes Eddie Might Have Dyscalculia + Mailbag: Stop Using Slang

Find out why Eddie thinks Raymundo is secretly rich, and how much he made in songwriting last year! Then, a listener calls in and believes Eddie might have dyscalculia, hear why and if everyone's going to get tested! Mailbag: A listener's teenage boys won’t stop using slang. Dad started a slang jar to get them to stop, but nothings working. We share our thoughts!

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