Lunchbox, Morgan & Scuba Steve Spill The Tea From Celebrity Softball Game

Yesterday, Lunchbox, Morgan and Scuba Steve played in the Folds of Honor Rock ‘N Jock Celebrity Softball Game, along with numerous celebrities, and they spilled the tea of everything that happened during it.

Scuba said he made no great plays, but he warmed up with former NBA player Jerry Stackhouse, which was a childhood dream of his. He was on team Riley Green and Lunchbox and Morgan were on Team Jelly Roll. Lunchbox thought he was the biggest name on the team, but Morgan was able to give away all her signed baseball cards, and he wasn’t.  

Before the game, Lunchbox threw a fit that Morgan was being promoted more than him for the game. He thought it was a bad look because he thinks he is more famous than her since he has more Instagram followers. At the game, there were loud screams when he went up to bat, but Morgan had louder cheers. Hardy struck out at his first at bat, and Lunchbox scored his team's first run. Morgan didn’t get on base for her own hits, but she ran and scored for Jelly Roll.

Charles “Chip” Esten went up to Lunchbox to say hi and after their conversation he told Morgan that Esten said he’s a big fan of his and asked for a picture. Morgan asked Esten if that was true, and he said no! Morgan called him out right in front of Esten and he was so embarrassed. At the end, everyone gets nominated for MVP, but Danae Hays and a first responder won it!  

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