Maren Morris on Going From Touring to Potty Training Her Son

Maren Morris stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share some stories about life with her toddler, touring and her song "Circles Around This Town."

While Morris is a wildly known country star, she's nervous about her first headlining arena show. She admitted that she still gets worried people won't come to her concert, particularly after the COVID pandemic. She noted artists of every genre went back on tour when the world opened back up, and now fans have to pick and choose which artist they can see. Though with the fans who have chosen to come to her show, the energy has been so loud that it's almost overwhelming.

Morris isn't alone on the tour, she brought her son on the road with her. She's thankful tour is only on the weekends as it's a lot to have a toddler on the road. He's really into swimming lately, Morris said he's definitely a water boy. She's going to be going right from touring to potty training when they get home. She admitted she's been gearing herself up emotionally for that. Adding that her husband Ryan Hurd will definitely have to help out with certain things since he's a boy.

The main reason Bones stopped by the show was to talk about her song "Circles Around This Town," which is currently sitting at number 7 on the country chart. While she's hoping for a number 1, she would at least love to see it get into the top 5. Morris admitted she's proud already of where it's gotten and she's really happy to be on there, especially as a woman when many aren't on the chart.

We also learned a new fun fact about Morris and her name "Maren." She told Bones the name actually came from a TV show her mom was watching. She was originally supposed to be named Bailey, but then her mom watched the TV show and loved the name "Maren."

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