5 Foods You Should Never Bring to a Holiday Potluck

If you're hitting up a holiday potluck this month, here are five dishes to steer clear of . . .


1. Baked potatoes in aluminum foil. When the potatoes cool down, the moisture and steam in the foil can create a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. You can use foil to bake the potatoes . . . just remove it before it cools down.


2. Mayo-based salads. Potato salad, egg salad, and macaroni salad are common culprits. But it isn't always the mayo itself . . . the protein or the cooked carbohydrate can make you sick too. So always keep those salads cold.


3. Fish and seafood. Not only can they spoil easily at room temperature, it's also a risk for people with allergies.


4. Nuts. It's another one that's bad for people with allergies. If a dish calls for sprinkling almonds or peanuts to finish a dish, consider leaving them off or bringing them in a separate container. If there are nuts in something you bake, make sure everyone knows. 


5. Leafy green salads. The issue here is that there's a lot of opportunity for cross-contamination. Everything from cutting boards to utensils and unwashed hands used for mixing.


(Huff Post)

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