Gym Footage: Woman Falls On Treadmill And It Takes Her Leggings Right Off

So, this happened … 

If you've ever fallen off a treadmill and thought it couldn't get any more embarrassing, it could -- and it did for 26-year-old Alyssa Konkel of Illinois.

The video blew up on social media over the past few days showing her stumbling on a treadmill at the gym and losing her leggings in the process. She admits she had the treadmill at a setting that was too fast for her and when she noticed her shoelace was untied, she stumbled and fell. But as she grabbed onto the bars so she wouldn't go flying off the machine, the speeding conveyor belt pulled her leggings all the way down to her ankles, exposing her from the waist down.

Luckily, she at least appeared to have on some skimpy underwear, but the humiliating scene was caught on video. Konkel, who happened to suffer some skinned knees from the mishap, also saw the humor in it and was the one who shared the clip online...

Getty Images

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