Wedding Planners Share What They Wouldn't Do As A Guest At A Wedding

Here’s what wedding planners wouldn’t do as guests at a wedding … No, we’re not talking about the obvious stuff like getting drunk and making a fool of yourself. Here are some wedding no-nos from the people who would know best:

  • Don’t RSVP late. It affects stuff like seating charts, final headcounts, and even little things like place cards.
  • Don’t take pictures during the ceremony. There’s a professional photographer there. Trying to take your own pics can get in the way of what the paid photographer is doing.


  • Don’t bring a large gift. There’s nothing wrong with sending a big gift like an air fryer, but don’t bring it to the reception, because someone has to figure out how to get everything home.


  • Don’t go rogue on the dress code. You may not like the bride and groom’s vibe, but it’s their big day, not yours.


  • Don’t help yourself to booze. Just wait in line at the bar – don’t go looking for bottles in the kitchen or a storage area. You could actually violate the couple’s contract with the venue and cost them a big penalty.

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