5 Things Your Hairstylist Can Tell About You By Looking At Your Hair

The person who does your hair does so much more than just cut and color. Hairstylists can also take one quick look at you and your hair and know all kinds of things.

They can tell if:

  • You did your own color at home - A lot of people try to DIY their color, and their stylists can immediately tell. They see the overlapping color and spots where we missed and those orange hues where blonde should be.
  • You’re pregnant - Believe it or not, your hairdresser may know you’re expecting before you take a pregnancy test. It happened to hair pro Luke Ormsby, who says dye becomes less absorbent when someone is pregnant. He explains, “I was giving highlights to a long-time client and noticed the color was lifting right away, so I knew she was pregnant before she knew herself.”
  • Your scalp is too dry - Stylists say this is one of the first things they notice when a client sits down in their chair, whether it’s flakes on shoulders or residue build-up.
  • You’ve been spending too much time in the sun - Heat styling tools aren’t the only thing that can damage hair, sun exposure can too and your stylist will see it. To avoid sun damage, stay away from chlorine, cover your hair in the sun and use sunscreens specifically made for hair.
  • They also immediately notice your taste in clothing - Stylists pay attention to your style so they can understand your preferences and what you might be interested in. They notice what trends you follow, if any, as an indication of what hairstyle you might want.

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