Psychologist Shares What To Never Send In A Text Message

Texting has become the way we communicate with everyone from our babysitter to our besties and while it’s definitely convenient, one psychologist warns that texting isn’t the best format for everything. Francesca Tighinean encourages people to think before they text and to never send these things in a text.

  • Complaints - According to Francesca, you shouldn’t complain over text because without hearing your voice, someone can’t tell how big or small of a deal the complaint is to you. Context is everything and you can’t always get that in a text.
  • Insults - While you might feel like firing off insults in a text, you’re probably better off giving yourself time to calm down before pressing send. Otherwise, you may regret what you write and then it’s out there forever.
  • Apologies - Sure, a text is a quick way to get a message to someone, but if you apologize that way, you risk it coming across as insincere. It’s better to say you’re sorry face-to-face so the person can see that you’re expressing remorse and in the interim, you can always text something like, “I owe you an apology, can we talk tonight?”
  • Bombshells - Even if it’s something positive, like “I think I’m in love with you,” huge news is always better when delivered in person. From the recipient’s point of view, they may not be sure how to respond and they don’t get to see and feel your reaction when you drop the news while looking them in the eye.
  • Concerns - If you’re worried about something someone’s doing, Francesca says it’s best “to give them a chance to explain in person without relying on their texting skills.” Having any in-depth conversation over text isn’t a good idea because without tone, it’s easy to misunderstand and that can make the problem worse than it was in the first place.
  • Secrets - As tempting as it may be to share confidential info over text, there’s always a chance the wrong person could see it. So sensitive information is better delivered in person, just to be safe.

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