Companies Are Conducting "Stay Interviews"

Thinking about looking for a different job or switching careers entirely?

Don’t be surprised if in the era of The Great Resignation your boss wants to schedule a “stay interview” with you.

This isn’t an interview where you have to make a case for why your employer should let you stay at your job. It’s actually a good sign if you’re getting invited to one. It means that your boss wants to keep you around by better understanding your experience in your role. During a stay interview, you might be asked questions like:

  • How are you feeling in your role?
  • Are you able to find a positive work-life balance, and if not, what can we do to help?
  • Is there anything you really don’t enjoy working on and is there anything you are looking to work on more?
  • What motivates you to “come in'' to work/log on every day?

Stay interviews are typically less formal than job interviews. And often? Employees are given the interview questions ahead of time so they can come in with thoughtful answers and follow-ups. Lily Valentin, Head of Operations for North America at Adzuna (the job posting search engine), notes that while you want to be honest with your feedback, don’t be too honest. Remain respectful and constructive in your criticism.

This can also be the perfect opportunity to mention that you're interested in getting a raise or to talk about added benefits like a more flexible schedule or remote work. You can also use a stay interview to reflect on the past year of work and set goals for the future.


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