The 5 Friends You Need In Your Life!

I went through all of these and identified who they are in my life. I challenge you to do the same!

Jonathan Fields , author of “How to Live a Good Life,” says your best buds can help you become successful. He explains that friends are “hands down, one of the most important (but most ignored) markers of success.”

But you don’t need hundreds of pals to do it. According to Fields, these are the five different types of friends you need to become your best self:

  • “The Co-Striver” - This friend is also called the “parallel playmate” and it’s someone who is working to achieve something similar to you and going through the same kind of process. This makes them super valuable as someone you can commiserate and vent to since they get it and that can make your bond stronger.
  • “The Champion” - Everyone needs a cheerleader and this is yours. She’s the friend you turn to when you need a self-esteem boost because she believes in you 100% and will be by your side every step of the way.
  • “The Accountant” - This is the pal who holds you responsible. So if you say you’re going to leave your dead-end job, she’s going to check in and remind you of that goal. The Accountant isn’t scared to give tough love or overstepping a boundary.
  • “The Mentor” - Someone who’s more experienced and may have already been through what you’re dealing with is the ideal mentor. This friend will give you advice and help steer you down the right path to reach your goal.
  • “The Community” - These are the friends who make you feel like you belong. They won’t judge you for coming to brunch in your sweats when you’re hungover because they allow you to just be you, no matter what.

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