Morgan Wallen Cleared To Sing After Weeks Of Doctor-Ordered Vocal Rest

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Morgan Wallen said “the doc cleared me to talk and sing” again after taking a weeks-long break because of a vocal injury. Wallen posted a photo on his Instagram story on Tuesday evening (June 6), writing “we back.”

The news comes in the midst of Wallen’s vocal rest. He announced last month that he would tan six weeks off to recover, per his doctor’s orders. He said in a video posted on May 9, in part: “I got some bad news from my doctors at the Vanderbilt Voice Center yesterday. After taking 10 days of vocal rest, I performed three shows last weekend in Florida, and by the third one, I felt terrible. So, I went in and got scoped yesterday and they told me that I re-injured my vocal cords and that I have vocal fold trauma. Their advice is that I go on vocal rest for six weeks. So, that’s what I’m gonna do.”

Before beginning several weeks of vocal rest, Wallen apologized to concertgoers for canceling a performance minutes before he was set to take the stage in Oxford, Mississippi. He explained that despite rest, vocal exercises and help from his doctor throughout the day, he would be unable to perform. The “Last Night” star said “my voice is shot and I am unable to sing. …I am so sorry, I promise you guys I tried everything I could.”

Wallen resumed shows in Florida shortly before beginning his vocal rest, saying at that time that he “wouldn’t say I’m 100%, but I’m doing a lot better.” Soon afterward, however, his doctors recommended a six-week break. He posted a list of rescheduled tour dates for shows that were coming up in May and June. Wallen did not announce on his Instagram story on Tuesday which show would be his next one after returning from his vocal rest.

Wallen’s ongoing tour is in support of his massive 36-track album, One Thing At A Time, which dropped earlier this year. He performed a free show for thousands of fans to celebrate the album release at Bridgestone Arena in Downtown Nashville, Tennessee. All tickets were gone within hours, officials confirmed at the time. The “One Night At A Time World Tour” includes special HARDYParker McCollumERNEST and Bailey Zimmerman.

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