Rascal Flatts Focusing On Quality Over Quantity With New Music

For years, Rascal Flatts did what most artists do and put out an album every one or two years like clockwork, but these days, Jay DeMarcus says, “We’re not doing any records now.”

Joe Don Rooney clarifies that this will be their approach “for the time being.”

But according to Jay, “We’re cutting songs as we find them and love them in an effort to pick singles from,” such as their brand new single, “Back to Life.”  He says, “We have enjoyed that actually because there’s no pressure of being on an album cycle. And we’ve done a bunch of records and have a lot of great songs on there. But this is kind of freeing in that you only cut when you find those gems that you love and it gives you some songs to keep on the shelf to get to later and to use as you see fit. And as the label sees fit.”

For now, it’s about making great music one song at a time for Rascal Flatts, as opposed to recording an entire album of songs just because the calendar says it’s time.

Photo: Getty Images


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