Taylor Swift Fans Have Taken Her Song “Betty” NEXT LEVEL on Tik Tok

Taylor Swift fans have taken her song “Betty” to the next level with TikTok videos playing out what happened between “James” and “Betty.” If you’ve listened to “Folklore” at least 20 times, we’re sure you have, you’ll realize there are three songs that tell a story of a love triangle between “Betty,” “James,” and the other woman. 

TikTok user @kerrinotcarrieokay kicked things off by making a video from the perspectives of all the parties involved in the love trilogy. Betty’s mother, James’ mother, Betty’s BFF, and Betty’s dog all got a TikTok video telling their side of the story. 

Other users joined in by making their own perspective videos, one user told the story from the perspective of the grass and another from the partygoers' perspective who watched James and Betty confrontation at the party. #taylorswift#folklore#betty#bettysparty#august#cardigan#swiftie#taylorswifty#fyp

Do you think Taylor will use any TikTok ideas for the official “Betty” video?

How many times did you listen to “Folklore” before you realized there was a connection between “August,” “Cardigan,” and “Betty?”

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