Rian Lothrop, CEO Mojo Print Solutions

Graduating both high school and college in the Inland Northwest, Rian then moved to the Bay Area of California. He entered the printing industry in the heart of Silicon Valley, when the printing industry was flourishing. Working with fortune 500 clients, he developed and honed his skills in production, sales and management. Returning to his roots in the nineties, Rian has developed a reputation, locally, for providing a high level of service. 

In 2014, Rian and his wife, Wendy, purchased an existing printing company, and rebranded as Mojo Print Solutions. Working together, they have earned recognition as one of the top printing companies in the area (Catalyst Magazine annual business awards) for five consecutive years. They attribute those accolades to their focus on client relations. Printing is a complex business and Mojo Print Solutions can help you navigate those complexities with confidence. 

Rian and Wendy enjoy being involved in the community, sponsoring and supporting many local events and organizations. Rian is a current member, and past president, of Spokane Executives Association. As well, their company is an affiliate member of the Association of Builders and Contractors, and Independent Brokers of Spokane.