Wil Buchanan, President of Philantech3

Wil Buchanan, President of Philantech3

Meet Wil Buchanan, President of Philantech3.

Wil Buchanan is a long-time Spokane resident with a passion for helping small business owners solve problems. Wil holds an undergraduate degree in business from BYU-Idaho and is completing a Master’s Degree in Business from Western Governors University. Wil started Philantech3 (then known as Innovation Computing) in 2002. Philantech3 is a technology services company with a focus on using technology to help clients become more profitable.

Wil understands the challenges that small business owners go through as they struggle to build a business. The “philanthropy” part of Philantech3 comes from Wil’s commitment to help business owners get what they want out of their businesses. Most of this consulting work is done free of charge.

Wil and his wife Tambi have six children and live in North Spokane and on Kauai, HI.


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